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Why do you want to choose a big company?

1 strong companies on the market and a lot of small vibration plate company, the company may be a vibration disk master. Such companies can not complete a high quality vibration plate, the ideas and methods of individual are limited, is not what good results behind closed doors.

2 after-sales service is guaranteed as above said, a person's bag company how to ensure after-sales service? A master of vibration disk to the material, electric welding, tape painting, delivery.. If you pay off after such a small company can not be given to repair, this time there is no god.

3 the high degree of credit of many large companies in order to ensure their credibility is still relatively speaking words, basically give you the promise will be fulfilled, such as vibration plate 2 year warranty, maintenance and so on.

To sum up, it is recommended that you choose the vibration plate manufacturers to field visits to see the strength of the company. Since the founding of the Jinhua vibration disc Co., Ltd. to provide customers with automatic feed solutions, the strength of your worth. Welcome new and old customers to visit.