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Principle and function of vibrating disk

Working principle of vibrating disk:

Following a pulse vibration hopper electromagnet, a bucket can make the vertical vibration, by the inclination of the leaf spring to do hopper torsional vibration around the vertical axis. The part of the hopper, which is subjected to such a vibration, rises along the spiral path until it reaches the discharge port. The purpose of this work is to arrange the disordered workpiece automatically and orderly, and then transfer it to the next process.

Application of vibration plate:

The foundation vibration plates are widely used in electronics, hardware, plastic, watch industry, batteries, food, medical equipment, connectors, medicine, food, toys, stationery, daily necessities and other manufacturing industries, it is necessary to solve the industrial automation equipment material supply. In addition to the product to meet the directional alignment of the product can also be used for sorting, testing, counting packaging, etc., is a modern high-tech products.