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What are the adjustment methods of the vibrating plate

The spacing between the electromagnet and the armature, without impact as small as possible. Spring plate must be suitable for the flexibility of the method is to repeatedly change the number and thickness, have enough patience. Usually the vibration disk needs to be matched with an electromagnetic vibration controller to adjust the amplitude and control the conveying speed. Is mainly composed of a vibration motor as power generation, directional frequency vibration motor when the force. As long as the vibration plate as a plane stress analysis of physics on the ramp, you can easily understand his work principle. In the work of the electromagnetic coil of the vibrating plate, the inclined plane is slightly up and down under the electromagnetic suction, and the working frequency and the clearance of the vibrating plate can be adjusted to realize the smooth operation. Vibration electromagnet principle: the use of the electromagnet produces alternating magnetic field, vibration is part of an iron sheet suspended in front of the electromagnet, the electromagnet will make signal through the electromagnetic field changes, so that the vibration of the vocal iron. AC electromagnet generates a magnetic field due to compaction, high frequency, so there is a spring group 3-6 angle to the magnetic force generated by transient changes is also under the chassis, when the electromagnet with alternating current generated magnetic field compression spring, when the first wave voltage change, spring bounce back, produce force, reliable guarantee