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Study on the particle dispersion on the vibrating disk

The vibration plate vibration plane of the bulk material movement has been studied a lot, but most of them focus on the vibration plate materials according to the granularity and flow characteristics, which involves much of loose vibration disc particle group. Vibration assignments include granular material loose, layered and fine particle disc grading process, moderately loose particles not only conducive to the material according to the granularity, also contribute to the fine particles of the wheel, it is necessary to study the vibration status of loose particles on the vibration plate.

The evaluation index and experimental design of vibration particle swarm

For the evaluation of the vibration particle size, most of the solids concentration C. is used. In order to facilitate the calculation and analysis, a dimensionless number H. is defined to quantitatively investigate the dispersion of particles". In order to obtain particle swarm particle vibration from top box floor height is h, the vibration box along the width direction of the equidistant partition number column (N column), which is assumed to be first columns in the highest position of the particle distance vibration of the height of the bottom of the box,

Need to pay attention to in the program is not divided: column number, the representative of H is better, the granularity is the single particle level D particles, along the width direction of vibration box width can be d (2-5). The column width once determined, the testing process in the future should not make the change to all the test using a standard test to ensure the comparability between indicators.