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The working characteristics of vibrating plate

1, vibration disk excitation power and power fit properly, vibration power, body weight, small size, low mechanical noise.

2, the vibration plate because the metal vibration plate is a strong resistance vibration rather than resonance, so there is a stable amplitude.

3, vibration plate vibration frequency range. The vibration frequency of the electromagnetic vibrator is fixed, the general rate is equal to the power step, and the vibration frequency of vibration plate can be hardware of a wide range of adjustment by adjusting the speed of the way, and can choose according to the different vibration frequency and amplitude of any thoroughfare.

4, the vibration of the disc by the impact of small fluctuations in the power supply, the electromagnetic exciter will be due to voltage changes caused by large changes in the exciting force, but the hardware vibration plate, this change is very small.

5, vibration plate multi machine combination, can achieve self synchronization to complete different process requirements.

6, the vibration plate can be installed in accordance with the vibration of the metal disk to change the direction of the excitation force.

7, the vibration disk only adjust the angle of the eccentric block, you can adjust the excitation force and amplitude.

8, the vibration disk maintenance is simple, because not as the use of electromagnetic spring, so a similar gap adjustment, weight adjustment and other maintenance work can be exempted, only the need for regular maintenance of bearings.