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Driving device for simultaneously eccentric vibration shaft and sleeve

The vibration of transmission shaft and several disc set eccentric driving device which comprises a triangle belt transmission, the shaft is installed on the lower part and the connecting rod body parts. The vibration disk drive device used in bomb burning type vibration isolation balance plate, the eccentric shaft eccentricity is 7.5 mm, and the eccentricity of the eccentric shaft sleeve distance of 7 mm, the total eccentricity is 14.5 mm. Change the eccentric shaft and the eccentric shaft sleeve in the circumferential direction of the relative position of the relative amplitude on the tube body is adjusted in 7.5-7=0.5 mm to 7.5 mm in the range of +7=14.5, and the upper and lower tube body shock amplitude in the 0.25- range of 7.25 mm. Fixed bearing and connecting rod bearings with spherical roller self-aligning bearing. The two ends of the shaft are provided with a triangular belt wheel, and the motor can be installed on the left side and the right side of the machine according to the needs of users. The belt pulley is provided with a counterweight, the inertial force produced by rotary movement of the balancing rod head. The drive shaft with linoleum seal, and two key sulfide lubricating grease and the center line of the triangle belt and motion perpendicular to the direction of the expansion tank so as to avoid vibration caused by belt.

The vibration of the disk drive device has the advantages of convenient adjustment of amplitude, the disadvantage is more complicated structure, suitable for medium and large vibration plate.