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How to select the vibrating plate

For many vibration disk consumers, the purchase of vibration disk may have some wrong choice. After many years of research on the principle and function of the vibration disk, the analysis of the vibration disk is weak, unstable feeding reasons, and now has developed the industry's high-end products.

When you choose the vibration plate, you will not understand the characteristics of the vibration disk products. In addition to the main vibration plate stainless steel plate and vibration body also includes some small parts, such as spring, linear controller feeder, coating and so on.

First of all, do not have to say the vibration plate, stainless steel, according to customer requirements of different stainless steel, the market is now the most common is the use of SUS304 stainless steel. The vibration body is cast iron, nor what to say, is the main coil quality inside, of course this does not exist, the better the quality of coil is more favorable to the buyers, the quality of the coil determines the service life of the vibration plate, so as to spend quality coil is worth some money.

The vibration plate body is also an important accessory is vibration plate spring, spring has spring steel and the insulating resin board two, that is not a special case please use the steel spring, long service life, but for some special vibration disc spring steel chassis but easily broken vibration in this case, recommend the use of insulating resin board.

In addition to these there is a vibration disk controller, the controller is generally a common controller, full stop controller and frequency controller. Of course, is the more advanced controller is better, but should be determined according to their actual situation, because an ordinary FM controller and controller the difference is great, so that customers seeking a higher price, and their products to adapt to the selection of controller is good, because for most of the workpiece FM controller and ordinary controller is not what advantage.

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